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When the big man overturned

When the big man overturned

When the big man overturned

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    When the big man overturned
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    Nalan leisure
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    Long Novel
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2023-05-18 13:57:27
The rich Lu family made a joke. The daughter who has been raised for more than ten years is actually a fake the real daughter is back. Everyone is waiting to see the fake daughter's joke I want to see how this fake daughter can survive in a poor home when she is used to being a rich lady Huo Yao, who just came here, said that it's good to experience poverty however... The imagination is beautiful, but the reality deviates father: daughter! This black card is unlimited. Take it and brush it Dear Mother: I'm so happy! If you don't like these jewels, mom will ask someone to change them Huo Yao:... What about ordinary and poor the big brother of the CEO of the investment company: little sister, come and inherit the company the second brother of the industry's talented lawyer: who dares to slander my little sister, the lawyer sends greetings the third brother of an international gifted doctor: bully my sister and ask me about my scalpel mysterious top four brothers: my sister, the most lovely in the world Huo Yao:... It's said to be lazy and eat old waste the top tycoon quietly changed back to cheap clothes and appeared in front of her in a small broken car. "Baby, I'm really the same outside and inside. Don't believe we can get married?" people who know the inside but don't dare to speak loudly scolded in their hearts: Tui! You pretend, you pretend!