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After crossing, he raised a little emperor

After crossing, he raised a little emperor

After crossing, he raised a little emperor

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    After crossing, he raised a little emperor
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    Subtle words
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2022-06-27 09:20:53
As a modern doctor, Chu Nianqi crossed into a four-year-old girl in an overhead era. She had no family and relatives. Fortunately, my mother is tough and has a golden finger for carrying space. With medical skills in hand and space in mind, we can get rich all the way to a well-off society. I didn't expect to find a little broken child on the way to get rich the little broken child was silent and looked at her with cold and cloudy eyes from time to time "look what kind of life has poisoned this little beggar?" Chu Nianqi shouted in his heart: "come here, good baby, my sister loves you." everyday hug and touch the dog's head then the little broken child's eyes changed. She was gentle and smiled. Although she still stared at her from time to time, she was not afraid the older you grow up, the more you feel a little hairy later, Chu Nianqi found that she was the current crown prince as a poor little brother the emperor is dying. The crown prince is going back to the throne. What? She's going to be queen?

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