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He is the same age as Xian

He is the same age as Xian

He is the same age as Xian

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    He is the same age as Xian
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    A cloud night dream
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    Garden Novel
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2023-05-21 14:05:58
For the first time, Ji Xian was sent to the demon family before he knew the situation. He didn't live a day for the second time, she became a wisp of consciousness in the mind of the unlucky woman. She watched her silently accompany the man for tens of thousands of years, and finally died for the man's white moonlight for the third time, she became Ji Xian when she was a child. Looking at the wolf cub picked up by a moment of weakness, Ji Xian begged her to change her sweetheart. Ji Xian couldn't smile to the bottom of his eyes "OK" stay away from everything and just want to cultivate immortality I'm living alone. Please go away and don't block the fairy from basking in the sun note: there will be male masters in this article, but there will be few emotional plays, mainly focusing on cultivation.

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