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Cannon fodder girl with her irritable dry turn script

Cannon fodder girl with her irritable dry turn script

Cannon fodder girl with her irritable dry turn script

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    Cannon fodder girl with her irritable dry turn script
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    Demon Lord gold
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    Passion Novel
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2022-04-16 16:09:15
[super rational, 100 billion scum vs unruly, metaphysical villain] Geng Ziying's body, which should have been beaten down by the female leader of love, was occupied by Geng Sanzhan who came through, and Geng Ziying, who turned into a fierce ghost, stared at her with resentment on one side Geng San said, "if you want to take your body from me, do you know what I do?" ... Geng San, a genius ghost teacher, has no desire to save the world, has a bad character, and only has three principles: natural disaster, man-made disaster and mood cannon fodder was taken in and obedient. Not only that, but also many wronged dead souls were brought to appeal. All of them were disgusted and ruthlessly killed by men and women who were in love typical quotations of men and women: I don't want you to think, I want me to think, you hinder our love, then it's cold and you break it gengsan: a couple of fucking mental retardants in that case, Geng San squinted at the men and women who were identified as "man-made disasters". Good. Let's start that night, the hot search exploded a group of people who once hurt gunpowder Geng Ziying have been exposed to scandals. Those involved in law breaking have been dealt with and taken away. Men and women have been attacked by grievances, and both are cool Geng sanhuo is a fire in another sense - [Social Death manufacturing machine], also known as [legal income generation] the kind that gives people legal sanctions for permanent social death... Geng's three principles for men: Yan Xing, body Xing and no entanglement Song Rong got up slowly from the bed, showed a tight and clear Mermaid line, stared at her black eyes and breathed, "how about changing the last one to 100 billion officials."