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Evening star, please answer

Evening star, please answer

Evening star, please answer

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    Evening star, please answer
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2022-05-26 11:04:46
Yu Ning, who thought she would live a lifetime, met a bohemian teenager that night SHEN shanchen, who fell into the abyss, met an angel who would redeem himself that night "xuyuning, I am a person who is bad to the bone, a withered flower, a weed on the roadside, a mouse shouting and beating across the street. I should have lived in hell." SHEN shanchen looked up at the night sky. The night was particularly beautiful tonight. The moon was bright, there were many stars, and the wind was gentle. He took a long sigh of relief and closed his eyes "remember when you asked me if I was an angel? Now I can answer you. I'm an angel to redeem you." in summer, the leaves are luxuriant, and the wind rustles when it blows gently. When Xuyu Ning says that, he will be a gorgeous rose, a hundred herbs that can be used as medicine, a flying bird that can fly freely, and a fallen boy who can be pulled out of the abyss "my destiny will change because of you." "my fate will change because I met you."

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