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Lord Qin, kiss me

Lord Qin, kiss me

Lord Qin, kiss me

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    Lord Qin, kiss me
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    Milk tea
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    Clean book
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2022-07-09 05:48:41
It is said that the noble young master of the Qin family in Kyoto is weak and ill. He hits the devil and no one dares to marry. Lord Qin had to marry a Tang girl with hundreds of millions of colors! How dare the Tang family let the second lady of the straw bag raised in the countryside make up for it? When the young master first saw Miss straw bag, he directly pulled her to get the certificate! The turning point of the script is too big to startle everyone! [Master Qin] I thought my wife was a dramatist, but I didn't think she was still a vest? Oh, the horse picking game starts now! [Miss Tang] who says my husband is ugly and thin? He is the world's richest man who is so handsome that he is unreasonable. He is a man! [little milk bag] daddy and Mommy are too strong. The baby is under great pressure!

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