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I shine with the stars

I shine with the stars

I shine with the stars

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    I shine with the stars
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    How old is Jiajia
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    Lava Novel
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2022-02-06 20:52:49
He is the person she has been thinking about for a long time she thinks that when she sees him again, she must say sorry to him but when she really saw him again, she couldn't say anything. She just looked at him and glittered on his stage... four years ago, she said to him, "Gu Siyuan, come on! Try to be who you want to be. One day, you will have your own stage, you will glitter and shine. I will always support you!" four years later, he said to her, "Shu Juen, I like you, I mean, I love you..." at that time, he was still shining on the stage. He was everyone's yearning and out of reach, but he was just her dream my dream is to be with Gu Siyuan forever GU Siyuan, I really love you for a long time