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Retrogression and regret

Retrogression and regret

Retrogression and regret

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    Retrogression and regret
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    Pity Ye
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    Yipin Books
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2022-02-07 07:22:36
[the fragrance of warm tea drifted far and far, which made Nanjing unable to grasp it, but stayed in Nansi's heart] they finally went back and regretted... just at a glance, the two teenagers fell to the enemy. but the deep palace will eventually lock the hearts of the people, and they can't help themselves... it is well known to the world that concubine Wen had an affair with the great prince. but the great prince fought on the battlefield and didn't return for a long time, He also missed the throne and was granted the title of King Nari and the Wencui hall was separated from the Nari Palace by the whole palace what can the world say, but it was the selfishness of the emperor the man didn't know that since the hairpin book was sealed there was a flattering imperial concubine in the palace, alias Wenyun there was a maid watching tea in the palace, alias Wenzhi Wen ran said that if it could float out of the palace with the fragrance of tea, How nice it would be the old lady who can teach her etiquette said that the palace wall is too high to float out Yes, ten-year-old Wen ran can't climb out of the palace wall, and twenty-year-old Wen Zhi can't step out of the palace her life will be imprisoned, but what can she do finally, white snow diluted the fragrance of tea on wenran and the life of Wenzhi she was buried in the deep palace like the old mother