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Too female, the husband is coming again

Too female, the husband is coming again

Too female, the husband is coming again

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    Too female, the husband is coming again
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2022-04-03 08:16:01
Qi Liyue inexplicably crossed to the nvzun Dynasty, startled step by step and tried to save her life. She originally wanted to leave the palace under the guise of death, but she couldn't resist the involvement of fate "you'll be sixteen next month when you return to the Empress Dowager. According to the etiquette system, it's time for you to meet one imperial concubine and two attendants." Qi Liyue was shocked and was forced to marry. She had to marry three more?! Besides, he's notorious for bullying women and men. People are tired of people. Where else is a good son Lang willing to marry her "Fu Hongzhao, the son of Fu Taifu, is the head of the imperial concubine, and Cheng ye, the son of general Cheng, and Kou xiaochilde, the son of Kou family, who are recommended by themselves, are the left and right attendants" "?!" what?!! Qi Liyue was shocked and lost her chin. One of the three was the son of an old man with a black belly, the other was a sick, petite and abnormal child, and the other was a little child who entangled human spirits. The girl who ate and waited for death can't do it. Run away all night