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Zang Mou

Zang Mou

Zang Mou

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    Zang Mou
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    Floating cold
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    Vchale Novel
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2023-03-12 07:28:28
Sigh the beauty of the world, love thousands of people, but finally be fascinated by the demon Jin Xuan Gu Long returns to Su Zhen's hands and pieces of the past are put together again with Jinghong, the young general set foot on the road of no return, uncover the unknown secrets behind the compassionate eminent monk a Sili hairpin, which has been fettered for thousands of years, opens a chapter in troubled times a lamp that seeks a soul and burns it with a living soul can find all things an umbrella soaked in frost can blend ice and fire to wash away the dirt in the world a pair of maces, carrying countless wrongs and sins a round of sundials, watered with blood, bewitches people's desires a flower bearing the burden of Meng Po's efforts to keep the yellow spring, but she can't expect her lover to return... the healed scar was torn open again with blood dripping in troubled times, wars are raging and smoke of gunpowder is everywhere. Who knows the cause of the disaster?

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