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God is also working today

God is also working today

God is also working today

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    God is also working today
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    Dream master
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-03 21:45:00
(not signed) Yunsheng, who has just finished the college entrance examination, wanted to enjoy his summer vacation and work by the way, but unexpectedly became a frustrated "master God" and began another "working" life with the novice system 1v1, main plot publicly available information: World One: Queen of entertainment extravagant Entertainment (the world line is not closed) girl abduction and trafficking (the world line is in progress) human?? (world line not expanded) Hidden Intelligence: World 1: the queen of entertainment World 2: a supermarket that can be traded in a different world world 3: Weird events on campus World 4: the stepmother of two children raising a baby world 5: the princess of a woman hating country world 6: college students crossing with her boyfriend world 7: the man who was raided ... front row reminder: This article is half full True and false, adapted according to my experience or knowledge, plus the plot imagined in my mind. If there are similarities, please reflect.